Absorption Pit
A pit dug into permeable ground and filled with stone, bricks or rubble material. Then covered with soil to allow liquid effluent to soak slowly into the ground.

The area by which vehicles and pedestrians enter and leave a property.

Decorative galvanised iron pieces attached to the corners of roof guttering.

A substance which chemically bonds together materials at the surface.

Adjustable Prop
A steel prop used in scaffolding with an adjustment mechanism to raise or lower it to the supported structure.

Agriculture Pipe (Ag Pipe)
A pipe used in construction for sub soil drainage. Enables the entry and discharge of ground water through openings or slots in the pipe.

Air Vent
A fixture opening in a wall to enable air to circulate to and from a confined space.

A device used to give stability to one part of a structure by securing it to another part or to a more stable structure.

A load bearing structure which spans an opening.

Arch Bar
A steel bar of rectangular cross-section used to support brickwork or blockwork over an opening.

The moulding around a door or window.

As- Built Drawing
A drawing detailing the works as completed, detailing, all changes made from the original drawings.

Attached Pier (Engaged Pier)
A brick or masonry pier bonded into a wall, primarily used for structural purposes and is also used for decorative purposes.

A room within the roof of a building.

A light or temporary roof with open sides.