About House Builders Brisbane

House Builders Brisbane can assist you with the following scenario’s:

new home design and construction
building design

Design and Construct

Do you need a Building Designer or Architect who can balance your design requirements with your realistic budget? Then from there you will need a Quality Builder who has experience in the exact area of building that you need and able to provide you with a timely and competitive tender for your project.

HBB can provide a complete service to you alongside a group of professional Building Designers, Architects, Consultants and Builders. No matter what your project, from a small extension to a multi-level residential building we have the solution and the team for you.

new home construction
Construction Only

Construction Only

If you have your plans, engineering and specifications already drawn and documented they you are looking for the Right Quality Builder to provide a comprehensive tender/quote for your build.

If you are not sure if your project is ready for pricing then feel free to contact us to discuss your specific construction project and action plan or solution required.

Our Builders, Building Designers and Architects are all properly Licensed. We have vetted them, inspected their previous projects and talked to their previous clients. They are ready to go to work for you and HBB are simply an extension of their business. By having a broad panel of builders via our Network we can provide choice and competitive outcomes for you, the client, which saves you time, money and stress in the long run.

Andrew winter residential building industry

Hello there.

My name is Andrew Winter. I have worked in the Residential Building Industry for over 16 years. The biggest challenge my clients face is a lack of time and a lack of knowledge. The building industry is like no other and can be a graveyard for some.

Put simply my job is to provide solutions that ensure you get the right builder (or building designer/architect if that is what you need) for your project at the right price. So, give me a call and let me help you find the right solution.