A structural member, which is fixed at one end and is free at the other.

Cadastral Boundary
The survey of boundaries in a subdivision of land.

Capping Brick
A brick specially made for the final top layer of a wall.

Carpet Tape
An adhesive tape which is placed to the underside of two lenghts of carpet and heated to produce a joint.

Carpet Underlay
A soft underlay material for placement under carpets to give added cushioning.

A roofed structure for sheltering motor vehicles.

A window hinged on one of its vertical sides to open inwards or outwards like a door.

Cavity-wall (aka Cavity Brick or just Cavity)
A brick wall laid in 2 close rows which are connected by ties. There is a void between the two.

Ceiling Batten
A light timber member fixed to the ceiling joists to which the ceiling lining is fixed.

Cement Render
A hard-setting mortar made from a mix of cement and sand for masonry surfaces.

Ceramic Tile
A wall or floor tile, made of fired clay and is usually glazed.

Certificate of Occupancy
A certificate issued by Local Authority which establishes that the building is at a stage where it compiles with its particular standards.

Certificate Of Practical Completion
A certificate issued to the contractor when the works under contract have reached the stage of completion. As described in the general conditions of contract.

Certificate Of Title
A document prepared by a land registration authority, which provides evidence of the ownership of the land. It also includes the land dimensions, and details any mortgages or other encumbrances.

Chair-rail (aka Dado-rail)
A horizontal moulding at chairback height to protect the wall.

A surface made by shaving the right-angled edge of timber or other material at 45 degrees.

Exterior wall cladding of horizontal boards with a recess along top and bottom edges so that each board fits neatly over the other.

The etching of an internal wall for the placement of utility conduits or services, such as water, electical and gas.

Particleboard made from wood chips bonded together by an adhesive resin.

Small water storage tank to supply a flushing system with discharge.

Cistern Tap
A tap in the pipe to a cistern to have the flow stopped or regulated.

The external covering of the external wall of a timber framed house.

Clothes Chute
A vertical chute through which clothes are passed through to a laundary.

Clout (Clout Nail)
A special nail generally used for the fixing of sheet materials. 


Coffered Ceiling
A recessed ceiling used for decorative purposes.

Column Footing
A concrete footing with reinforcing steel used to support a column.

Concrete Paver
A paving brick made from concrete.

Concrete Roofing Tile
An overlapping tile made of concrete.

Contingency Sum
A sum of money included covering the cost of any unforeseen items.

Corrugated Metal Roofing
Roof sheeting with corrugated profile made of metal.

A horizontal layer of building elements (bricks) on a wall, of uniform height.

Soil is compacted to reduce volume and strengthen foundation of building pads.

Produced by mixing cement, water and aggregates in specific proportions.

Concrete Block
A solid or hollow building block made from concrete.

Concrete Cancer
The deterioration of concrete caused mainly by the corrosion of steel reinforcement.

Concrete Pump
A mechanical device by which ready mixed concrete is directed in place and then pumped into position for placing and finishing.

Construction Joint
A joint made during the placing of concrete or other pavement material to allow the work to be done in partes for convenience of work.

Contour Line
A line connecting points on the surface of the ground that are of the same reduced level. Usually shown on a site plan created by a surveyor.

Control Joint
A vertical or horizontal gap, which allows for differential movement between structures.

Control Point
Used by surveyers as a fixed and stable point of known position and elevation

A horizontal moulding projecting from the top of an external wall or decorating the junction of the internal wall and the ceiling.

A horizontal layer of some material, especially bricks.

A decorative piece along the top of a wall or roof, e.g. filigree cast iron along the ridge.

Two pieces of timber or steel crossing each other as braces for walls.

Cross Over
The driveway section outside the front of a building and in the public road reserve.

Curing (Concrete)
The development strength process of concrete, particularly at the surface. The curing process takes a specific period of time and reduces cracking.

Curtain Wall
An external wall of glass panels fixed to metal sections.

Cut and Fill
The leveling of a land surface area by excavating or “cutting” off excess soil material at one section and using it for filling in and sometimes compacting of the depressed area to form a level building site.