Custom Built Homes Brisbane

House Builders Brisbane have a panel of highly skilled builders and professional building designers and architects ready to provide you with a great outcome for your design and construct project.

Custom designed and built homes are the most effective way to get the outcome you want. You will likely pay a little bit more but you will get the wish list that you have always wanted. To be sure there are always compromises but if you have the budget and the desire to start with a clean sheet then this is the ultimate way to achieve your dream home.

A Custom Designed Home does not need to cost that much more. At House Builders Brisbane, we understand that managing the construction costs is a very important part of the design process. Especially if there are any challenges to your building site.

A detailed site assessment and strong communication with your Building Designer/Architect will be the first positive step in achieving a good outcome. Building a custom designed home is unlike any other product you will buy in your life time. There are dozens and dozens of people and components that must be
individually sourced, negotiated with, purchased and installed to complete the construction of your home. A very simple break down of the process would be as follows:

  • Site Assessment
  • Concept Design
  • Cost Assessment
  • Geotech Soil Test
  • Engineering
  • Working Drawings
  • Specifications and Material Selections
  • Final Working Plans
  • Negotiate with Builders
  • Contract and Finance
  • Commence Construction

Now if you already have all of this done and are ready to begin negotiating with quality Custom Home Builders then we can help match you with one of our Home Builders straight away and ensure that you get the Right Builder at the Right Price.

At House Builders Brisbane, we are determined to make Designing a Custom Home as clear and predictable as possible.

Why would you spend a little bit more on a house of the same size? The answer: Quality and Flexibility. That is why it is called “Custom Designed”. But you should not pay more than you should. That is the key.

Designing and Building a Custom Home will provide you with a high level of quality and professionalism. You will get the choice, you will get the flexibility, you will get the quality, you will get the service. The building designers and architects that we have been working with here at House Builders Brisbane have been designing quality, custom homes for many years and can create a design suited to your needs, your land and your budget.

Our service is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Risk Free
  • Obligation Free
  • Focused on Saving Time, Saving Money and Stress Free

We will provide you with a complimentary assessment and if you would like to be introduced to one of our panel of builders then we would be happy to do so.

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