All operations involved in movement of earth, soil or rock.

A portion of land reserved by law for a specific use or purpose.

The lower edge of a roof beyond the wall, called close eaves if not projecting far and boxed eaves if lined underneath.

Edge Beam
A concrete beam at the edge of a concrete slab to provide additional structural strength.

A side view of the facade of the building.

Environmental Impact Study
An assessment of existing environmental conditions and the likely effect of the introduction of a proposed development.

Expansion Joint
A control joint in construction which permits movement due to thermal effects.

Extension of time
An extension of the contract period granted to a contractor. The conditions for an extension of time are stated in the conditions of the contract.


The face of a building.

Face Brick
A brick specially manufactured for its outward appearance.

The slope or pitch of a surface.

False Ceiling
A ceiling which is built with a gap or void between it and the floor above to provide sufficient space for services.

Fascia Board
A wide board which is fixed to the bottom end of the rafters.

Fascia Gutters
A pre-fabricated gutter which is fixed to the rafters and can also be used as a fascia.

Feature Wall
An internal wall which is distinctive in decoration.

Clean natural earth used to refill an excavation or trench.

A small oblong plate, usually of china or metal, fixed behind a door handle or lock for decoration and protection.

A carved or moulded ornament, usually pointed, at the top of an apex of a structure, e.g. a gable or parapet.

Finished Ground Level
The ground level adjacent to the footing system at the completion of works.

Fire Door
A door with a door set to resist the spread of fire in a specified time.

Fire Rating
The time (in minutes) which a surface or material prevents fire egress to another room.

Furnishings and fixtures in a building.

An impervious material fitted to provide a barrier to moister.

Flush Joint
A mortar joint, with smooth surface flush with masonry.

A leaf-like decoration (usually carved).

Forms of timber, metal or other material into which concrete is poured to set into its required shape.

French Doors
A pair of casement windows serving as doors, traditionally glazed above and panelled below, but nowadays usually all glass.

Apattern of interlaced, geometric openwork decoration, usually cut in thin timber by means of a fret-saw, and sometimes made of metal.

A continuous band of decoration across the top of a building, or the top of an internal wall between the ceiling and picture-rail.

Full Brick
A method of construction in which the external and internal structural walls are of brick.