A series of wire baskets filled with stones and used as a retaining wall.

The upper triangular part of an external wall at the end of a double-pitched roof.

A double pitched roof, sloping straight from the ridge to the eaves on two sides, with a gable on the other two sides.

Galley Kitchen
A long narrow kitchen with workbenches on either side.

A grotesque spout projecting from a building to carry off rainwater.

A small tower or summerhouse, usually in a garden.

General Purpose Outlet(GPO)
An electric socket outlet.Also known as ‘PowerPoint’.

Glass Block
A rectangular or square hollow made of glass.

Gravel Fill
Crushed rock or rubble used for drainage to remove surface or ground water.

Grille column – a flat decorative verandah support of cast or wrought iron.

Ground Level
The line of the finished surface level adjacent to a building.

Ground Water
Underground water occurring naturally.

A mixture of cement and water.


The roughening of a concrete or plaster surface to provide key new layers.

Hand over
The formal handing over of the building for occupation.

Head Contract
A contract is signed between the contractor and the principal.

A masonry unit laid with its longest length across the width of a wall.

Two small pieces of timber crossing each other to separate joists.

Hinge housing
The area chiselled to make a hinge sit flush with the timber.

A roof which is pitched on all 4 sides from the ridge to the eaves.

Hipped-gable (aka Half-hipped, Kentish gable)
A gabled-roof with the top of the gable sliced off to form a small hip at the end.

The brickwork which is placed above the floor level around a fireplace or the outside of a shower recess.

Hollow Core Door
A flush door with airspace between the two outer facing.

A concrete defect, resulting in a rough surface due to air voids and aggregates showing.