Do you have your Land Title Documents? You should as they are the first step in any investigation process regarding a Block of Land. Whether it is an old block or new block your Land Title Document is a critical element as it stipulates EXACTLY the size of your block and every dimension is noted.

If you are in the process of buying a block of land in a new residential estate then the land may not be registered with the Title Office. In that instance, you need to get a Disclosure Plan from the Developer and any other documents that might be relevant so that a builder or building designer can identify the boundary distances and angles and work out where to “site” the house in accordance with setbacks and other conditions.

When we are in the early stage process of speaking to prospective customers we need to find out everything we can about the building site that we are proposing to design and construct a house on. During the conversation we will always ask the question:

Do you have a current Title Document for the Block of Land in question? Every block of land has a Title Document, somewhere. But for whatever reason, you may not recognize that you have it or you simply may not have it as it is bundled up with your mortgage documents that may be in your bank or solicitors office.

Why is it important for us to have the title document?

There are some critical pieces of information that are contained in the Title Document. Apart from the exact dimensions of the boundaries, it will include the Lot# and Registered Plan# and other information that ensure that we are looking at the correct piece of land and the conditions that apply to that piece of land in relation to the local council it resides in. Upon examination of the Title Document, we can begin to undertake proper research in the knowledge that we are assessing the correct site.

There are two ways that you can obtain the Title Documentation for your Property:

1. Contact your Solicitor or Conveyancer. They will either have the title documentation on their file or they can obtain it online on your behalf.

You may indeed already have the information when this was given to you in a documentation package at the time of settlement. Check first then ask.

2. You can obtain the Title Documentation yourself. By going to the following site:

At the CITEC Confirm site, you can register as a user and then follow the Menu to Qld Land Searches. You will need to load up your account with credit before being able to make a purchase. But you can determine the price of your purchase prior to adding credit to your account.

A sample of an old Land Title Document can be found here: HBB Land Title Sample Document

This is a real Title Document obtained online for a parcel of land that we were investigating. It is quite an old document but builders and building designers know how to read the information and extract exact measurements and identify exactly your block of land from this type of document.

If you need any assistance at any time securing your Land Title Document then give us a call and we would be happy to assist. But remember this is an important part of the process to begin the site assessment and make sure we are heading in the right direction from the start. You should always have your title document at the ready and if not then a Disclosure Plan from the developer.