Pad footing
An isolated footing to spread concentrated loads.

Broad, split or sawn, upright timbers of a fence, e.g. pickets.

The covering of an interior surface with timber, usually as a series of sheets fixed between framing members, called wainscoting if limited to the lower part of the wall.

A wall built higher than the eaves line of a roof – often ornately decorated with balustrades.

Particle Board Flooring
A board manufactured for the use of flooring. Does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

A common wall that divides two attached buildings such as terrace houses and modern duplexes – usually of masonry and extending across the front verandah as a firewall.

A large paved outdoor living area.

A room originally built into the corner of a verandah – e.g. a bathroom or laundry.

A decorative gabled or curve-topped feature above a portico – often of timber fretwork.

An open trellis like frame attached to a building and / or supported by posts – used for climbing plants.

Thin verticals in a fence – often with decoratively shaped tops and usually of sawn timber.

Picture rail
A horizontal moulding fixed to the walls below the ceiling height and shaped to take metal hooks from which to hang art and photos.

Solid columns supporting a building from ground level – traditionally solid masonry, but now including both steel and timber.

A freestanding vertical column

The inclination or angle of roof rafters.

A rigid, insulating board made of gypsum and plaster. Used for the interior lining of walls and ceilings.

Pointing (Brick Work)
The finishing of mortar joints of bricks with coloured grout.

Pointing (Roof Tiling)
The completion of joints between ridge tiles with mortar and matching colour.

A large porch at an entrance of a building.

The manufacture of standardised component in a factory delivered and installed on site.

Prime Cost Items
An amount specified in a contract document for particular supply items such as fixtures, fittings and appliances etc.

Priming Coat
The first coat applied to an upainted surface to bond with future coats. In also inhibits deterioration of the surface.

Provisional Sum
An amount of money allowed for in a contract document to cover proposed works for which the full amount is not exactly known prior to the signing of the contract.

A member placed at right angles to rafters or trusses.