Quad Moulding
A moulding, with a cross section of a used to conceal corner joints.

The price offered by a contractor to carry out specified work includes goods and services.


Raft Footing
A slab of reinforced concrete with an edgebeam footings under a building.

An inclined roof framing member, extending to the eave from the roof.

Raked Ceiling
The inclined portion a ceiling.

Raked Joint
Mortar in brickwork, which has been raked to a specific depth.

Reduced Level (RL)
The elevation relative to a specific datum point.

Reflux Valve
A valve fixed to pipes, which prevents the back flow of sewerage.

The covering of a wall surface with cement mixture or plaster.

The conversion of an existing building to new inclusions &/or layout.

Retaining Wall
A wall built to retain a mass of solid materials.

Ridge Board
A horizontal board on edge at the apex of a roof.

Cutting of timber parallel to the grain.

The vertical distance which an element rises.

The vertical face of a step.

Roof Light
A glazed panel in a roof providing natural lighting.

Room Height
The height of a room from the finished floorlevel to the underside of the ceiling.

Rubble Drain
A trench partially filled with coarse aggregate to drain ground water.

Run Off
The surface discharge of rain water.