Renovation and Extension Projects for Building in Brisbane

Just to clarify: Cosmetic Renovations that do not require any structural or architectural design do not generally need a builder or building designer to be involved. Even if all you are doing is changing some internal walls you need only consult with a structural engineer to ensure you are not going to put the house at risk. The main thing with a non-structural/cosmetic renovation: Find and use good quality, licensed tradespeople! A good carpenter might cost a bit more but the advice and experience will provide value and a great outcome. For bathroom renovations, the same rule: find a great tiler (licensed) and they will know how to help plan the project with you and add value.

House Builders Brisbane cater for the major renovations and extension projects specifically in the Greater Brisbane Area. Large renovation projects such as:

  • House Lifts and Shifts with extensions to Old Character Homes. Typically, these are “Queenslander Homes” and more often than not have protection constraints set down by local councils. The Brisbane City Council is very specific about what can and cannot be done to Character Queenslander Homes.
  • First floor extensions to traditional brick or timber homes including car ports.
  • Extended ground floor extensions regardless of the type of house.
  • Even Granny Flats now can be considered an extension of the home and are becoming more common and is something we facilitate here at House Builders Brisbane.

The key here is always the same: If in doubt, give us a call and if we can assist then we will.

A few pointers as you begin your renovation and/or extension project:

  • Research your local council. Council’s vary in their treatment of what can and cannot be done to your home when you are choosing to design and build an extension. In many cases, depending on the zoning, development control plan, neighbourhood control plan etc. you may need to engage a Town Planner to work with you and your Architect / Building Designer to navigate a solution for your project.
  • Use an experienced building designer or Architect. There is a high level of skill required in making sure that your project is not only practical but viable in terms of meeting all the various local council codes as well as the Australian Building Codes. An effective and economical building design for a major extension/renovation is probably one of the most challenging design projects. So, check that whoever is doing the work has done similar projects in the local council area you are working in.
  • If in doubt and if it is a large enough project consider bringing in an interior designer. Now that doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars. It may simply be a 1-day consultancy to work through colour schemes, material selections and specifications. It can be daunting so if in doubt get a little bit of help.
  • Asbestos removal is a major constraint. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not your home contains any form of asbestos then get an expert in to undertake an inspection. You will be surprised at where asbestos can turn up.
  • Check out this site at the QBCC. Click Here
  • Pictures tell a thousand words. is not a bad place to look around and get ideas. You will save yourself a lot of money if your building designer/architect has a clear understanding of what style and scale you are wanting to achieve with your building design.
  • Understand Building Costs. Get some preliminary quotes. A good way to do that is to sit with a building designer or architect and ask them to go through some of their similar types of projects that they have completed in the past 2 years. Ask them to find out from their clients what the approximate costs were for these projects. You must get some realistic cost estimates as you begin your planning. Too many building plans end up in the bin because they did not meet the needs of the budget.
  • Do not get your budget or costing parameters from Reality TV. Shows like The Block and House Rules are not reality. They are staged and edited and give a false sense of what can be achieved. The resources that are at their disposal are not what you will have at your disposal. The only thing these shows provide is creative flair and a bit of drama.

These are just a few ideas that will help you on the way.

House Builders Brisbane offer a service to anyone Renovating and/or Extending their home in the Greater Brisbane Area. Our service is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Risk Free
  • Obligation Free
  • Focused on Saving Time, Saving Money and Stress Free

We will provide you with a complimentary assessment and if you would like to be introduced to one of our panel of builders then we would be happy to do so.

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