Safety Glass
Glass, which upon breaking produces fragments as opposed to long sharp slivers as with normal glass.

The smoothing down of timber surfaces using sandpaper.

Sanitary Fixture
Such as a basin, bath or WC, used for the discharge of wastewater.

A water-resistant membrane placed beneath roof tiles to collect and discharge water. Also can be used in walls.

Sash (Window)
A light framed unit of a window, which carries the glass.

A temporary structure used for the supportand/or protection of building workers.

The spreading and finishing off of mortar concrete or plaster.

A compound applied in a plastic form to fill gaps and waterproof joints.

Secret Nailing
The driving nails into the tongue of tongue and groove timber flooring where the nails are concealed.

Sedimentation tank
A tank through which sewer or wastewater is passed to allow suspended matter to settle to the bottom for subsequent removal.

Set Back
A statutory requirement which prohibits construction of a building beyond a specified distance.

The hardening process of mortar, concrete, plaster etc.

Setting Out
The positioning of a building layout or profile on a site.

The vertical displacement of a foundation, due to the load from the structure it supports.

Shingle Tile
A flat rectangular, overlapping roofing tile.

A metal bracket secured to the base of a column and transfers load to a footing.

Shower Rose
A shower head with a perforated plate.

Shower tray
A pre-fabricated floor tray used for waterproofing purposes in the shower base area.

Side Light
A fixed glass panel at one side or both sides of a door.

The external protection below window or door openings to provide a run-off for rain water.

Sill Flashing
A flashing placed underneath a window sill to prevent moisture penetration.

Land on which a building is to be constructed.

A moulded trim which is fixed at the base of an internal wall.

A glazed fixture of an opening in a roof line to allow natural light and ventilation into a building.

A strong rectangular timber member place on the ground to retain soil. Usually used in landscaping.

The surface of a ceiling exposed.

Soldier Course
A course of brickwork with each brick laid on its end.

Solid Core Door
A door made with a core of solid material.

The horizontal distance between two supports.

A written document detailing technical, quality and quantity information required for a particular project.

Surplus excavated material.

A perforated pipe connected to the base of a downpipe to spread rainwater to a lower roof.

When two surfaces are right angles.

A sanitary pipe, which extends more than one storey in height.

Steel Trowel Finish
A smooth and level finish to concrete surface by a produced by a steel trowel.

Used in reinforced concrete beams, steel shaped loop rods to hold reinforcement in beams.

Stop End
A shaped piece fixed to the end of a gutter to seal it.

Stormwater Drain
The drainage system for the discharge of stormwater from a property.

Stretcher Bond
A commonly used masonry laying pattern with half brick over lapse.

Striker Plate
A plate shaped and fixed to a door jamb, into which the bolt of a lock or latch engages.

String Line
A Length of string stretched between two points.

Strip Footing
A footing of rectangular cross section positioned under a length of wall.

Stripping (Walls)
The removal of old paint, wallpaper and other surfaces.

Stripping (Formwork)
The removal formwork after the concrete has been hardened.

Structural Design
The design for the structural integrity of building elements.

Structural Timber
Any timber used as load bearing framework.

Strutting Beam
A structural beam spanning between low bearing walls.

A vertical structural member in a framed wall.

A contractor who carries out work for the head contractor usually for specialised trades.

Division of a parcel of land into separate lots.

Sub-Soil Drain
The installation of pipes that are underground for the collection and removal of groundwater.

A sub-surface water collection pit connected to a stormwater system.

The locating of points, lines and angles on the ground surface.

Suspended Ceiling
A ceiling which is supported by a structural members and forms a void between it and the structure above.

Suspended Slab
A reinforced concrete slab sitting on and between supporting walls or columns.