The processes of applying a waterproofing membrane on the outside surface of a wall to stop water entering the building.

Temporary Benchmark
A temporary mark or datum from which a reduced level can be conveniently attained.

Temporary Crossing
The temporary installation of boards and other material to allow pedestrian crossing, usually at the front of a building site.

Temporary Services
The temporary installation of utility services such as electrical and water required for construction.

An offer made in writing to provide labour goods or services.

Termite Cap (Ant Capping)
A metal shield which is placed on top of a pier to retard the egress of termites.

Tie Wire
A wire for fixing reinforcing steel.

Tile Batten
A light timer fixed to rafters or trusses, which the roofing materials are fixed to.

Tongue and Groove Joint
A projecting strip along a board, “tongue”, for the fitting of a board with a matching “groove”.

A mixture of cement, sand placed over a concrete floor to create the finished surface.

Top Plate
The timber member across the top end of studs and carries the ceiling joist.

Top Soil
The upper layer of usually dark soil, which supports vegetation.

Touch Up
The repairs of damaged or defective paint.

Trap (Sanitary Plumbing)
Any fitting used to retain a water seal to prevent gases or foul air into the building.

Trap (Drainage)
A fixture that intercepts silt, grease, oils etc.

The horizontal surface of a step.

Trench Mesh
Steel mesh in long lengths, used for concrete reinforcement in footings.

A prefabricated structural roof frame which distributes loads through it members to its supports.