Planning on Building a Home or Renovating in Brisbane?

Planning on Building a Home or Renovating in Brisbane?

If you are planning on building a home in the Greater Brisbane Region then one of the first places to visit is the website of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The QBCC is the State Government Statutory Body that is designed and authorised to oversee the Queensland Building Industry.

For Building and Renovating the best section of the QBCC web site to start with is:

For Home Builders and Home Owners the QBCC produce a range of fact sheets and articles that are well worth a read as part of your research in the pre-construction stage. The Building and Renovating section is a general guide with some good tips on preparing yourself for the design and building process.

It covers topics such as:

• Starting your Building Project.
• What are your Building / Renovating Options?
• How to Avoid Disputes.
• What are your Building Insurance Responsibilities?
• Supervision and Quality Control.
• Building Inspections and Approvals.
• Handover.

As a professional consultant in the building industry I spend a lot of time educating clients on the fundamentals of what it means to build a new home or renovate an existing home. The QBCC is an integral part of that process. In the event of a dispute between a builder and a customer it will sometimes come down to the QBCC having to step in so be familiar with the site.

One of the checklists, in particular, has a few handy questions you should ask yourself to keep you on track:

• Have I seen and checked the licence card details with QBCC?
• Have I obtained three comparable written quotes?
• Have I compared the different quotes and contractors’ past work?
• Do I understand the contract and what it includes?
• Have I read and understood the ‘cooling-off’ provisions?
• Are the deposit and progress payments appropriate?
• Has the contractor provided copies of all relevant documents (including the signed contract, a Contract Information Statement, any relevant foundations data and certificates of inspection)?

Education is the most valuable tool at the disposal of a potential home builder. House Builders Brisbane encourages you to take advantage of the information available and actively improve your knowledge. It will be time well spent as you embark on your home building project.

For further information and a complimentary assessment of how we can assist you to find the Right Builder at the Right Price just give us a call at any time. We are happy always happy to help.