Townhouse Development Projects Brisbane

House Builders Brisbane have a range of quality and experienced builders available to provide competitively priced tenders for your townhouse development project. Whether you are a first-time developer or an experienced developer a townhouse development project is the most common type of Multi-Unit Development. It can be a Duplex Style Townhouse which is simply two dwellings joined together with a common wall or it can be multiples of duplex or other types of design solutions within
the designated buidling site.

Not all builders make the leap from being Home Builders to Townhouse Builders.They may not have the licence or insurance requirements and that is important to understand. Multi-Unit Developments have a range of challenges, building code regulations and council requirements that require experience and skills that not all builders have.

If you have your plans, engineering and specifications ready to go then please get in touch straight away and we can get our panel of builders to provide expressions of interest and then ultimately provide a fully priced tender for your project.

As a developer, time is money. You need to know which townhouse builders are tendering and how long your tender period is going to take before you enter into final negotiations. House Builders Brisbane will only introduce those Builders who are not only able to build your project but also ready to quote and start your project.

If you are in the design stage of your townhouse development but not fully complete then it is wise to begin talking to us early so we can provide any input and builder feedback about the potential costs of development and construction for your project. The earlier you get collaboration the more likely will be your success. If you are contemplating a townhouse development on your site then House Builders
Brisbane have all the experienced and skilled professionals ready to assist you:

  • Architects and Building Designers
  • Town Planning Consultants
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • Other Consultants

Your site will need to have a professional assessment prior to any decisions being made about what type of townhouses and how many townhouses will fit onto the building envelope. This is a very important and often difficult task. If you are going to use Architects/Building Designers and other consultants then we recommend you only use those that are suited to your specific project.

No development site is identical. There are dozens of different constraints and challenges that have to be assessed and planned for. Also bear in mind that approval for a Development Application is not the same as a Building Application. We have seen many Townhouse Developments with a DA approval but still having many challenges in order to get the Building Application process approved. Fire Protection, Stair Configuration and other regulations must be dealt with as early as possible.

If you have a Townhouse Development project in Brisbane then, regardless of what stage of the design process, please feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation. Our aim is to assist you to find the Right Builder at the Right Price.

Our service is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Risk Free
  • Obligation Free
  • Focused on Saving Time, Saving Money and Stress Free

We will provide you with a complimentary assessment and if you would like to be introduced to one of our panel of builders then we would be happy to do so.

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