Unit and Apartment Building in Brisbane

Once you step from Townhouse Construction to multi-unit with more than 2 Floor Levels then you are moving into a different Class of Building and Construction.

Units and Apartments built in Queensland are controlled by the QBCC and the BCA (Building Code of Australia). Only builders who have specific licenses and undertake certain types of project. To get some basic understanding of what the classes of building are you can have a look at this link at the QBCC: http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/building-codes-australia-bca-classes-buildings

The main difference within the Unit Construction and Apartment Construction Categories occurs around the 3-4 Storey building size and whether or not there is a basement parking structure as this is considered in the classification of the building type. You usually have the following:

Small Unit Complexes:

  • 2 Storey Multi Unit with no basement and no lift.
  • 3 Storey Multi Unit with no basement and no lift.
  • 3 Storey Multi Unit with no basement and no lift.

Larger Unit/Apartment Projects:

  • 3 Storey Multi Unit with a basement and a lift.
  • 4 Storey Multi Unit with no basement and a lift.
  • All Multi Unit Multi Storey Projects with Lifts and Basements. These can be from 4 Storey’s to 100 Storey’s depending on the Zoning and Town Planning

A successful Unit / Apartment development project requires, in most cases, a dedicated Project Manager. At House Builders Brisbane, we have worked with several of the best and often recommend them to our clients. Bear in mind that HBB are not Project Managers. We are Brokers for Builders. We represent Builders in the collaboration process and if you have a larger project you will need a whole team of consultants in place long before you are in need of the Builder for the project.

House Builders Brisbane offer a service to anyone planning a unit or apartment development in the Greater Brisbane Area. Our service is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Risk Free
  • Obligation Free
  • Focused on Saving Time, Saving Money and Stress Free

We will provide you with a complimentary assessment and if you would like to be introduced to one of our panel of builders then we would be happy to do so.

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